Architecture & Design

At Sonora we understand the value of architecture and design prior to development. Our team will solicit business requirements, evaluate risk areas and optimize architecture to ensure the design meets our clients’ needs. This will include defining key features and functions and collaborating directly with our clients to ensure their satisfaction before development commences.

Our Process

System Architecture

  • Create System Flow Diagrams
  • Define Features & Functions
  • Create Wireframes and Mock-Ups

Define Software Tools & Platforms

  • Define Technology Stack
  • Evaluate Cloud Platforms & Services/Libraries (AWS, Azure, etc )

Define Test Strategy

  • Security Testing
  • Automation
    • GUI
    • Business Logic
  • Stress Testing
  • Performance Testing

Define Risk Areas

  • Understand Associated Risks and Potential Impact
  • Understand Industry Compliance Requirements

Define Timelines & Sprints

  • Agile Process
  • Kanban
  • Waterfall, if required

Contact us to learn how our architecture and design process ensures your finished project will meet your expectations.

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