Mobile Development

Our nearshoring team in Mexico has many years of mobile development experience creating native and cross-platform iOS and Android apps that are relevant and responsive in any domain.

Sonora uses proven Agile development practices to create new Apple iOS and Android mobile applications and add mobile functionality to existing ones. Our experience includes developing and rearchitecting applications for clients in the aerospace, healthcare, financial services and others. We minimize risk by integrating apps with your back-end and third-party services, and add multimedia, mapping, routing, and data management technology to provide the best possible user experience.

React Native

We have implemented iOS and Android solutions using ReactNative for customers in banking, education, government, and other sectors that make it easy for customers to check data and perform transactions anytime and anywhere using a cellphone or tablet. Each project shares a single codebase, which shortens development time and simplifies deployment to multiple platforms.


Our software engineering team uses C#, our strongest stack language, which enables us to shorten development and facilitates an excellent native API integration for each mobile platform. We have used Xamarin to build projects for healthcare organizations that include all required HIPAA standards and protocols in compliance with industry regulations.


Developing natively makes it possible for us to deliver Android apps with an intuitive interface that provide an excellent user experience. For example, our nearshoring team developed and implemented a customized Android app for a car rental company as well as various projects for aerospace clients.


Developing natively for iOS has made it possible for us to provide customers with apps that offer an intuitive interface and provide an excellent user experience. Our engineers started with Objective-C and have moved to Swift since it provides better compatibility with current APIs and design guidelines.

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