Industry Case Studies

Sonora Software has more than 7 years of experience building the most demanding software applications for these industries. We are experienced with the specific needs, safety and compliance requirements, and methodologies of these industries.

See these examples of our industry specific nearshore software development expertise:

Male aerospace QA testers


  • Communication Box – Developed a communication box for aircraft connectivity solution and gateway middleware to communicate protocols between avionics equipment. Tools used: HTTP, FTP, C++, Linux, Node js, Electron & ARM Microprocessor.
  • Air-Ground Communication System – Created an air-ground communication system for helicopters to receive and process maintenance & flight data. Included a security module that implemented IPSEC protocol and mutual authentication. Tools used: Debian Linux Distro, C++, Java, Springboot & Angular.
  • Data Acquisition and Reduction Software – Developed a data acquisition and reduction software solution to generate images and reports analysis results from recorded time series data files extracted from different equipment. Tools used: ASP.NET, Ajax, Jquery, C#, SQL Server & Charts.


  • Staff Augmentation Solution – Supported software development for healthcare analytics analysis. Tools used: Java, MarkLogic, Vaadin.
  • Desktop Application – Developed desktop application to program an ASIC to be used on different neuro-stimulator products and use Bluetooth to establish connectivity with the board. Tools used:  WPF (C#), SQLite, TI MCU, C++, SPI, UART, Bluetooth.
  • AWS Serverless Architecture – Set up an AWS serverless architecture solution to integrate data from multiple platforms that included a full analytics suite for monitoring data during clinical trials. Tools used: .Net Core, Angular, Python, Bootstrap, .R; AWS (Lambda, S3, EC2, RDS, CloudFront, Route 53, VPC, SQS), 3rd Party services (Twilio, High Charts)
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Applications – Developed native and cross-platform mobile applications (iOS and Android) to capture data during clinical trials. Tools used: Xamarin, C#, Java, Java Script.
  • Patient Application – Developed an application to reduce hospital errors and improve patient treatment through real time collection, analysis, and display of risk factors. Tools used: .NET, SQL, Cerner, ETLs, Oracle, Java.
  • Business Intelligence Tool – Created a business Intelligence tool with a custom crawler to prioritize business KPIs. Tools used: NET, SQL, ETLs, Special Charts Controls.
healthcare workers
employees reviewing financial reports

Financial Services

  • Staff Augmentation – Developed solutions for web and mobile payment frameworks for banking, education, government and others. Tools used: Net, C#, Angular, Bootstrap, React Native.
  • Bilingual Web Portal – Created a bilingual web portal for insurance company that included policy purchasing functionality and a solution to backup client data and manage custom services. Tools used: ASP.NET, Ajax, Jquery, C#, SQL Server.


  • eCommerce Solution – Developed system to sell bus tickets. Included eCommerce and integration of multiple bus companies and payment methods (PayPal, CC, etc). Tools used:  WebForms, C#, SQL Server, distributed databases.
  • Android Application – Developed native Android application for car rental. Tools used:  Android Studio, Java, GeoCode.

Online & IoT

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Application – Developed a cross-platform mobile application that groups users based on interests. Includes a back-end for merchants and an eCommerce component. Tools used: GraphQL, Node js, React Native, MongoDB, Elastic Beanstalk, Microservices AWS.  Deployed to App Stores.
  • Staff Augmentation – Developed application for encryption-based products. Tools used: Java, Selenium, Java Script, Python, Stress & Integration Testing.
  • Facilities Application – Developed a tool to automate, monitor and manage air-conditioning in corporate offices. Tools used: Python, ZWave, Zigbee, Xbee.
  • Implemented a method for interaction between remote cloud users and hospital embedded devices that are hard-wired to a Service Concentrator connected the internet. The software allowed credentialed and secure interaction with the Service Concentrators and connected nodes to perform different IT maintenance tasks and activities. Tools used: React, Node js

Public Sector

  • Staff Augmentation – Developed custom systems administration software for a private university. Tools used: C#, Windows Form, Web Forms, Angular JS, Ajax, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.
  • Developed and deployed an oil spill registry project for a state government agency. Tools used: Java, Marionette, SQL Server.


  • Reverse Engineering – Reverse Engineered MCUs, FPGAs, and OTP devices.

Retail & Logistics

  • Staff Augmentation – Developed solution for development of CMS/eCommerce product for a national  grocery chain that included responsive design for mobile and desktop browsers. Tools used: Drupal, PHP, Bootstrap.
  • Developed Web-based modules for CMS/eCommerce platform for major fitness equipment manufacturer. Tools used: PHP, Drupal.

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