Development Centers

Mexico has built a reputation for being the premier location for nearshore services.  We have two convenient locations in Sonora, Mexico with access to the top talent in the region. 

Sonora Software is a US headquartered company, with operations in Mexico.  We have two development centers located in Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico.  The state of Sonora borders Arizona, and is rich in electronic and aerospace manufacturing, textiles, support centers and software development.  In Hermosillo and Obregon, there are six universities and four technical schools that graduate over 700 software engineers annually.  Sonora Software has capitalized on this talent with our University relationships and our successful internship programs.

Sonora Software strives to create a work environment that nurtures mentorship and collaboration.  We have implemented a training program that allows us to be nimble and meet clients’ ongoing needs while helping our engineers develop the skills they need to succeed.  We encourage our clients to visit our facilities to meet our team and learn more about the culture that is the foundation of our success. 

Cd Obregon

Ciudad Obregon is the second largest city in Sonora with a population close to 400,000 people, including surrounding towns. State of the Art technical campus built in 2014 with dedicated fiber networks, enhanced infrastructure, and 24×7 guarded security. Building Expansion planned for Q4 2023.

On-site cafeteria, Game Room, Library, Labs and more
Over 150 engineers working in the office and growing!
Ciudad Obregon has a small “college town” feel and is family oriented


Hermosillo is the capital of Sonora with a population of over 1M, and is considered a high-tech hub in Mexico with emphasis on supporting US companies. New location opened in March 2023; complete remodel of entire floor of Las Palmas Building, located in the heart of Hermosillo.

International airport, high quality dining and hospitality, major sports teams and more
60 engineers working in the office, with growth plans to over 100 in 2023
Desirable workspace, latest technology and tools, private chef service, engineering labs and more

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