Cloud Solutions

Our nearshore development team can help you migrate your IT infrastructure to AWS or Azure, set up a serverless architecture or deploy a microservices network to help you decrease capital and operating expenses.

Sonora software engineers are experts at building reliable and scalable cloud solutions that are accessible as well as cost-efficient. We customize new solutions for your unique business needs and can also build software on existing platforms, all while maximizing agility and expediting time-to-market.


Our developers leverage tools AWS offers for microservices and serverless architectures such as Lambda, EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk to transform large, complex systems into independent decoupled services that are easy to manage and scale as well as cost-effective.


Our nearshore development team members are experts in using Azure Pipelines to automate, build, test and deploy applications and projects. They also use Visual Studio App Center to expedite development, set-up quick builds for apps, eliminate the need to configure and build servers locally, and avoid complicated configurations.

Contact us to learn how our nearshore development team can build cloud solutions that will help you decrease OPEX and CAPEX.

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