Types of Nearshore Software Services Contracts We Offer

Software Design Solutions

  • Fixed price based on statement of work.
  • Sonora Software manages and executes the entire program and delivers the final product.
  • Includes as many resources as required to deliver the project on-time. Also includes project management. 

Co-Managed Projects

  • Fixed price, time and materials, or hybrid structured projects.
  • Management-level integration with client’s processes and tools or Sonora’s.
  • Flexible and adaptable based on your needs.

Staff Augmentation

  • Time and materials.
  • Full-time dedicated resources.
  • Integrate Sonora software engineers into your organization.

Workforce Extension

These four software development models give you the flexibility and peace of mind knowing that you have a professional team working with you in the way that works best for your business. Sonora Software specializes in long term partnerships and is the flexible fit for each client’s requirements.

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