Web Application Development

We use C#, Java, NodeJS and other web application development tools to create scalable, centralized and distributed software that can be used on state-of-the-art technologies such as AWS and Azure.

Our nearshore software development team has years of experience building mission-critical applications such as data management platforms, web and e-commerce portals, business automation systems and software solutions for companies in a variety of industries such as aerospace, healthcare and financial services. All can be integrated with mobile devices, browsers and platforms and offer maximum scalability, usability and security.


Our engineers have extensive web application development experience building C#-based software applications such as ERP, eCommerce, CRM, ETL systems. They have also managed Windows server deployments on IIS with the .NET Framework and Linux and AWS deployments with .NET Core, and created in-house testing frameworks.


Our development team has launched and managed numerous Java staff augmentation projects for aerospace, healthcare, e-Commerce customers, including aerospace communication systems and native mobile application development projects.


Our nearshore software development team has years of experience developing NodeJS projects on frameworks such as Express, Loopback and Nest with ECMAScript/Typescript, deploying them to Nginx and AWS Lambda functions as microservices, and provisioning them as scalable applications using AWS Elastic Beanstalk.


We have managed many projects where we successfully paired Angular with various backends by leveraging its CLI for development and deployment. Our teams are trained on new Angular releases (>=v2) and can support apps built with version 1.x.


Our software engineering team has built LAMP stacks for content management tools using PHP, Drupal and Bootstrap to create secure, customizable platform-agnostic applications and websites that clients can scale as needed to meet their business needs.


Our team has used React to create real estate and IoT communication apps, scalable load-balanced instances with server-side rendering, and personalized architectures with rich-state management and reactive/functional programming to fit a variety of business needs.

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