When it comes to outsourcing, it should be a strategic partnership. It’s not about assigning tasks to external resources to help your team with projects. It should be a well-planned partnership, where all the parties involved are in the same syntony and have the same “work culture.”

Nowadays, there are many options to outsource, and the decision on what model works better for your company depends on where are you located, budget & quality results that you are expecting.

In this post, we will be comparing the differences between the Nearshore, Onshore & Offshore models.

First, we need to define what are these three models:

Onshore: Means working with a company that is located in your home country (it could be in a different city/state).

Nearshore: Is having an extension of your team in a nearby country usually with the same or similar time zone. If your company is located in the US, a Nearshore partnership will be Mexico, Canada or, any other Latin America country.

Offshore: Teaming with workers in faraway countries, like China, Ukraine & India.


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